7 Apr

Pawville Announces New Location

  • 1935

Pawville Real Estate Holdings, LLC recently purchased land at 3530 Carolina Beach Road to build its next facility. This will mark the fourth Pawville location in the pack, which initially launched in ...

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dog grooming
11 Jun

My Dog Is Dragging Its Butt!!

  • 3778

Groomers have historically been taught to express anal glands as a routine part of the grooming process. As such, many of our clients come in with the expectation that we will express their pet's ana...

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2 Jul

Grooming Your Pup: The Basics

  • 5739

We decided to compile a list of basic grooming requirements for dogs.  Some of these items may be more or less relevant for your pup depending on your dog's breed and daily activities.Nail...

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1 Apr

5 Things To Remember When Dropping Off Your Dog For Boarding

  • 14375

Alright... you found that perfect pet resort to leave your dog while you go away on vacation. What do you need to remember when you pile into the car with your pup? We've got a list that just might he...

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1 Apr

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Cat Boarding Facility

  • 7731

Is it time to send  your precious cat away to a cat boarding facility while you go on vacation?  Have no fear.  Your guide to finding the perfect accommodations for your pet can be found below in seve...

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1 Apr

Truth as a Disruptive Force in the Pet Industry

  • 7105

If you ever find yourself around tech startups, you'll hear frequent use of the term "disruptive technology."  Forming a disruptive business model is the holy grail for most entrepreneurs as it has th...

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