Moe's Bistro At Jax Pawville

Room For The Whole Family!


 Moe's Cottage at Jacksonville Pawville offers the ability for dogs and cats from the same family to stay in the same room! This room is approximately 10'x10' and although it lacks access to the private yard, these guests still enjoy 3 potty breaks out in the play yard combind with 1 play session. Parents can choose weather their pet spends their time with other guests or alone. Either way, a member of our staff is always present in the play yard to give your pet love and affection.

Cottage guests also enjoy a private webcam straight to your gingr account.

Cottages come with private webcam access in room.

Want your pet to get some extra playtime? Try adding on daycare with boarding!

  • Half Day - $12.00

Four Hours Of Additional Play

  • Full Day - $24.00

Eight Hours Of Additional Play