Cat Boarding

Fine Feline Living

You feline friend will settle into a private Condo. Love and care are always complimentary in the paw village.


Pricing & Requirements


  • It is preferred you bring your pet’s food from home.
  • We administer medications.  However, we request that prescription medications come in their original pill container so we can see dosage and instruction information.
  • Cats are required to be vaccinated for rabies and feline distemper prior to boarding.
  • $10 late fee incurred after noon checkout time.


  • $24/night – Cat Condo 

$8/Night Peak

Discounts (cannot be combined):

  • 10% military discount
  • 20 – 30% multi-pet discount (depending on number of pets)
  • 15% extended stay discount (three weeks or more)

Cat Boarding FAQ

Yes… we allow your cat outside his/her townhome (one family at a time) to play and explore in Cattery Park Estates.  Additionally, our staff enjoy getting out the laser light to let your cat chase the laser all over the room.

Food, medications, and vaccine records (if we don’t already have a record of them) are the only necessary items. If you wish, you may bring a toy or bed, although we prefer to provide our own bedding and toys.

FVRCP and Rabies

We do this on a case by case basis, but generally, if you have a cage for your pet, we’d be more than willing to keep your pet at our facility.