Dog Daycare

Time to Play

Let your companion spend the day with us to release some of that energy. Your dog will enjoy playtime with other dogs of similar size/temperament and will return home tired and happy.

Not sure how your dog will do in daycare?  Ask for a free trial and get 4 hours of free daycare on your pup’s first visit!



Our webcams are up and running! Please take at look at them below.  Cameras are viewable from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM daily.

Our Play Spaces

Porters Neck Pawville has two indoor play rooms with rubber flooring combined with a great play yard with artificial turf.  We also have daycare staff on duty Monday – Friday to supervise daycare play groups so your dog can play all day long and come home exhausted!


Health & Safety

Our play groups are well regulated to ensure everyone comes home healthy and happy.  We combine pets of similar size and temperament in smaller groups that are always closely attended by experienced staff members.  Additionally, we only permit dogs that have been spayed or neutered to play.  Last of all, our staff members are routinely given Pet First Aid & CPR classes to ensure they understand animal health and safety.

We require the following vaccines for our daycare pups:

  • bordetella (every 6 months)
  • distemper combo
  • rabies



Half Day Pass  $15  (7am - 1pm or 1pm - 7pm)
Full Day Pass         $26


10 Half-Day Package $135 ($13.50/half day)

10 Day Package $230 ($23/day)
30 Day Package $585 ($19.50/day)

Daycare packages are non-refundable (unless we remove your dog from the daycare program)

military discount 10% (must show military ID)

Dog Daycare FAQ

We require, rabies, distemper, and bordetella (administered by a veterinarian).

Un-spayed female dogs up to 6 months of age may still engage in group play.  Un-neutered male dogs up to 1 year may engage in group play.  However, at the first sign of unaltered canine behavior (including heat cycle, excessive humping, aggression, etc.), that dog is cut off from group play immediately, regardless of age.

We have an indoor play room we use for inclement weather.  However, most daycare dogs spend most of their time out in our play yards.