Waggin' Wagon

What We Do

We pick up and drop off Pawville clients for grooming, daycare, and boarding appointments in the morning and evening.  This service is only available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  

How It Works

1) Call us to schedule a drop-off/pickup in the morning (8am-11am) or evening (4pm-7pm).  Our driver may arrive anytime in these windows.

2) Be available or provide clear instructions for drop-off/pickup.

3) Pay by phone or in-person when services are completed.

Rates & Requirements

- We only service Hampstead, Holly Ridge, and Topsail addresses.  

- $15 for each pickup or drop-off

- $5 fee if we unsuccessfully attempt to drop-off or pickup your pet (through no fault of our own).

- $100 package - 10 trips