Webcam Townhomes at Midtown Pawville

Full Peace of Mind


Like our Townhomes, these are our mid-range offering that offer a sizeable indoor enclosure (approx 4’x8′ inside) with access to a private yard (accessible through a doggy door) that doubles your pup’s space and affords them the opportunity to get outside all day (as long the weather is nice).   In addition, townhome dogs are given one complimentary playtime per day out in the big play yard where they can burn energy playing alone, or with other pups of similar size and temperament. Ontop of all that, these guests will have a webcam that live streams directly to your gingr profile for viewing at client convenience. 

Our webcam rooms offer extra peace of mind for pet parents! Don't forget, no matter the room type all guests receive a report card directly to the email on file!

Clients will receive instructions to view webcams upon check-in.