No More Long Nails & Dog Smell

Our experienced and professional staff are capable of providing a full range of bathing services ranging from full haircut services to simple nail trims. We strive to make the grooming experience as comfortable as possible for every client and seek to establish a personal bond with each pet in our care. Most appointments can be done within 3 hours from time of drop off



Most appointments can be done within 3 hours, so you don’t have to be separated from your precious pup all day long. Our state of the art bathing system will gently massage, soothe, and deep-cleanse so your pup is comfortable and clean. We book by appointment only, so make sure you give us a call to schedule today.

Meet Kassandra!

Kassandra is an exceptional groomer that loves each and every pooch as if it was her own. 


Pricing & Requirements


    We require Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella for all grooming and bathing appointments.

    We can accomodate walk-in nail trims. Please call in advance to check availability. Proof of up to date rabies is required. 


Grooming FAQ

 Nope!  Nail trims are a walk-in service but please call in advance to assure we have someone able to assist you if your pet needs extra attention or you're coming with multiple pets. 

Price depends on your pets breed, size, condition, and temperament. Feel free to call for a rough estimate.  However, we won't be able to give you a final number until we've seen your dog in person.

 Yes, we operate by appointment to allow your pet to receive one-on-one time with our staff from start to finish

Of course! You can add a bath at anytime!

Pets with fleas will automatically receive a soak in our flea shampoo and an additional $10 on their grooming price. Fear not, our flea shampoo is high quality and will not strip your pet of their natural oils while also soothing the itch. Please know this is not a preventative measure  and we recommend you talk to your veterinarian about a monthly flea preventative and de-infestation of your pet’s living quarters. If you are aware your pet has these pesky critters, please let us know when making your appointment.

 We require rabies and distemper vaccines for our grooming clients although we require rabies, distemper, Canine Influenza and bordetella vaccines for our boarding and daycare clients because they will have more interaction with other dogs.  Please bring us a copy of your pet’s current vaccine records before dropping off.

The only dryer with a heater will be our hand dryer.  Our cage dryers do not use heat.

Of course! We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us. Just ask and you can come on in!

Yes! We have clients who prefer this. Our staff have a soft spot for special needs pets, seniors, pets with a history of seizures, blind, deaf, etc. Please let us know when making your appointment if you’d like to wait or have your pet not be crated so we can tailor your pets’ appointment to his or her needs.

Yes, we have a wide variety of shampoos that we love. We do suggest you work with your veterinarian to treat any skin or coat issues your pet may have, but our lovely products can provide your pet some temporary relief along with regular grooming. Feel free to ask us about our selection.