Dog Daycare


Let your companion spend the day with us to release some of that energy. Your dog will enjoy playtime with other dogs of similar size/temperament and will return home tired and happy. Not sure how your dog will do in daycare?  Ask for a free trial and get 4 hours free on your pup’s first daycare visit!



Our dog daycare yards are designed for healthy, active play.  As your dog romps with other dogs of similar size and temperament, it learns doggy social skills and expends energy so it comes home tired and happy. Our yards have shaded play with ceiling fans for constant cooling, as well as access to a large artificial turf yard that is accompanied with shade sails. During our remodel we currently bring all daycare dogs in from 12:30-1:30pm for break time.

We have staff on hand whose job is to play with dog daycare pups throughout the day. 

New Dog Application Process

We require all daycare pets to be spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and sociable with other dogs.  New pups must be approved by our staff to ensure their temperament is suited to our play groups.  This can be done on the first daycare day and is always free.


Health & Safety

We take health and safety in our daycare yards very seriously.

To minimize conflicts between dogs, we separate our pups into different groups based upon size and temperament.

Our daycare dogs get the opportunity to play in our play yards shaded by shade sails and umbrellas.  However, we also have air conditioned daycare rooms for dogs with sensitivity to higher temperatures.


Tune into our live feeds below so you don't miss the daycare action!   Remember, our daycare spaces are indoor/outdoor which means our pups can run inside and out, so they may run off camera from time to time.    


Day Boarding

Even when pups don't play with other dogs, they shouldn't stay at home all day long. Our day boarding program is perfect for these pups as they enjoy their own spacious enclosure and individual play sessions with our staff - all for the same price of traditional daycare!

Requirements & Pricing


  • Dogs are required to be vaccinated for rabies, canine influenza and distemper.  Bordetella is required every 6 months.

Daycare Pricing:

Day Rates

  • Half Day - $14.00
  • Full Day - $23.00


  • 10 - Half Day Package $130 
  • 30 - Half Day Package $360 

  • 10 - Full Day Package $210
  • 30 - Full Day Package $570

Discounts - Non stackable

  •  Military discount 10% (must show military ID)

  • Daycare packages are non-refundable (unless we remove your dog from the daycare program)

Dog Daycare FAQ

We require, rabies, distemper, and Biannual bordetella (administered by a veterinarian).

Un-spayed female dogs up to 6 months of age may still engage in group play.  Un-neutered male dogs up to 1 year may engage in group play.  However, at the first sign of unaltered canine behavior (including heat cycle, excessive humping, aggression, etc.), that dog is cut off from group play immediately, regardless of age.

Most daycare dogs spend the majority of their time outside in the daycare yard, depending on temperament and weather.