Dog Training


Pawville Training Academy

We work to bring positive, balanced results.  This makes us uniquely qualified to handle a variety of behavior issues. We are happy to help with any training issues you may have, including

  • Aggressive (directed toward people and/or animals)
  • House soiling
  • Skittish/fearful
  • Disobedient
  • Destructive

We offer a free training evaluation at Citrus Pawville so you and your pup can meet us and discover what results you can expect from our classes or training sessions.  Our ultimate goal is to turn you into the trainer.  You as the pet owner must be equipped with the proper mindset, knowledge, and tools in order to consistently reinforce proper behavior long after your pet has left the presence of our trainer.

Our Trainer

Julie is a board-certified behavior consultant and a certified dog trainer who has trained thousands of dogs in and out of the shelter.  As an intuitive handler and a proficient communicator, Julie has taught folks how to talk to their canines and achieve lifelong results.  

She has trained dozens of service dogs for different agencies and the private sector. 

Her other accolades include Master level agility, Elite Trick Star status and is certified by the AKC in Agility, Puppy Star, CGC, Tricks, Temperament Testing, and Public Access Training.

Julie is ready to help your canine with pet manners, sports training, obedience or

behavior worries.  Her clients can look forward to a relationship that is fun for humans and canines alike.


Private Training

Boarding & Training
Boarding & training is perfect for dogs who need to learn some basic obedience skills.  It’s imperative our trainer passes along your pup’s newfound skills to you, so boarding & training is followed by individual instruction sessions where our trainer will pass the baton to you so you can continue reinforcing the behavior your pup has learned.   

Individual Instruction

We understand that every dog is different and, as such, each dog will be approached with an open mind.  After evaluating  you and your dog on an individual basis, we will set goals and implement techniques that best suit your needs. If your dog has any previous training, we will expand upon it and enhance your dog’s obedience to accomplish the goals we have collectively agreed upon.

initial evaluation:  FREE (on site)
1 session:     $125

5 sessions:   $600
8 sessions:   $900
12 sessions: $1,250

* no  discounts available with training

Group Classes

Puppy Obedience is open to pups one year or less. It's super fun and is a great building block for your dog's young mind.  It makes for quality social time with fun fun fun for young, growing, busy pups.  $195

Basic Obedience is the foundations for which we build on everything else. You must take this class if you are new, unless you have a puppy or have proof of a passed Canine Good Citizen (CGC). CGC will be given at the end of this class. This is also a gateway to many more titles. $195

Agility is open to all dogs who have completed any of our regular classes, or who have their CGC. All levels are welcome but special emphasis is placed on the basics. $195

Tricks is a blast and will strengthen your bond with your dog. Trick titles and awards will be given at the end of the class.  This class is open to all who have already completed one of our basic classes, or their dog has a CGC. $195

Public Manners helps your canine learn calm behavior in public environments.  Earn your AKC Community canine with these lessons. $195

Semi-Private - Bring a friend or two or three and split the cost! Have your own private little group class and work on your training. $195

* no  discounts available with training