Dog Training


Pawville Training Academy

Here at Pawville training academy, we utilize a rewards-based approach that strengthens your relationship with your pup while gaining the desired behavior from your canine companion.  Our ultimate goal is to turn you into the trainer.  You as the pet owner you must be equipped with the proper mindset, knowledge, and tools in order to consistently reinforce proper behavior long after your pet has left the presence of our trainer.

Our Trainer

Jill is a graduate of Catch Canine Trainers Academy.  She's AKC certified for S.T.A.R. and CGC.   She has the tools and abilities to work with a variety of issues including:

  • Aggressive (directed toward people and/or animals)
  • Skittish/fearful
  • Disobedient
  • Destructive

Jill is happy to offer a free training evaluation at Citrus Pawville so you and your pup can meet her and find out what results you can expect from her classes or training sessions.  


Training Packages

Boarding & Training
Boarding & training is perfect for dogs who need to learn some basic obedience skills.  It’s imperative our trainer passes along your pup’s newfound skills to you, so boarding & training is followed by individual instruction sessions where our trainer will pass the baton to you so you can continue reinforcing the behavior your pup has learned.   

Individual Instruction

We understand that every dog is different and, as such, each dog will be approached with an open mind.  After evaluating  you and your dog on an individual basis, we will set goals and implement techniques that best suit your needs. If your dog has any previous training, we will expand upon it and enhance your dog’s obedience to accomplish the goals we have collectively agreed upon.

initial evaluation:  FREE (on site)
1 session:     $125

5 sessions:   $600
8 sessions:   $900
12 sessions: $1,250

Group Puppy Classes (6 classes):  $195

* no  discounts available with training