We're Pawsitively Awesome!

We’re conveniently located on Carolina Beach Rd, halfway between Downtown Wilmington and Monkey Junction.  

Our facility features:

- Inground bone-shaped pool 

- Indoor/outdoor dog daycare playrooms

- Grooming spa

- Cat boarding condos

- Dog boarding townhomes featuring private yards for each pup (accessible through a doggy door)

- Boutique with dog treat bakery

- Self-serve dog wash

- K9 training

Most importantly, we have a team of professional and attentive staff who have crazy amounts of passion for the animals in our care.  It’s really something you have to experience to appreciate.  Stop by to meet us and take a tour anytime!

Hours of Operation


 6:15 am - 7:15 pm 


 6:15 am - 7:15 pm 


 6:15 am - 7:15 pm 


 6:15 am - 7:15 pm 


 6:15 am - 7:15 pm 

 Saturday  & Sunday

 6:15 am - 7:15 pm 

Our Services

Top dog standards

Your dog will settle into a private townhome and even have the option to enjoy a private yard accessible through a doggie door. Each townhome is separately ventilated with a constant flow of purified air to create a healthy environment. Last of all, playtimes (with friends or alone) in the play yard are always complimentary for our boarding guests.

While the humans are away, the puppies will play

Let your companion spend the day with us to release some of that energy. Your dog will enjoy playtime with other dogs of similar size/temperament and will return home tired and happy. Not sure how your dog will do in daycare?  Ask for a free trial and get 4 hours of free daycare on your pup’s first visit!

Pawville Training Academy

We believe there is no one way to train a dog. Dogs, much like people, learn tasks and desired behaviors in varying ways.  As such, we adjust our approach and methodologies based upon the needs of your pet.  Make sure to schedule an evaluation to meet our trainer and see how we can help with your training goals.

Fine Feline Living

Our kitty townhomes are located in a private cats-only room that is insulated for sound to create a serene environment for our feline guests. Daily cleaning, attention, and love from our caring staff (as well as laser light shows) are always complimentary.

No more long nails and dog smell

Our experienced and professional groomers are capable of providing a full range of grooming services ranging from beautiful poodle cuts to simple nail trims. We strive to make the grooming experience as comfortable as possible for every client and seek to establish a personal bond with each pet in our care. Most grooming appointments can be done within 3 hours from time of drop off.

Our Story

Our Story Began 2006

Phil & Amanda met in 2004, married in 2005, and began looking for a business to open. It was Amanda's idea to open a pet resort, and she never stops reminding Phil of this fact. Furthermore, Amanda's experience as a veterinary technician was fundamental to their success opening their first pet resort in 2007.  

They found a 5,000 sq ft pet store in Citrus County, FL and invested their savings and sweat equity to purchase and convert it into a pet boarding and grooming facility. From the start, they chose to focus heavily on the customer experience. This meant 1) investing heavily to train and retain high quality staff and 2) re-invest in their facility. This twin approach resulted in a satisfied and growing customer base which would provide the bedrock for future success.

In 2012

Citrus Pawville flourished under solid management as Phil & Amanda moved to North Carolina where they opened their Surf City location in 2012. This facility followed a similar trajectory as their FL location to become the most popular pet services facility in the Topsail, NC region. During this time, Phil completed his Masters of Business Administration at UNC Wilmington where he began to envision something larger than their two locations.

By 2021

The Jacksonville, NC facility joined the Pawville family in 2015 and received an expansion/upgrade in 2017. In 2020, Pawville added the North Shore location in Sneads Ferry with the acquisition of Salty Paws Pet Resort. 2020 also saw Pawville's first built-from-scratch facility with Midtown Pawville in Southern Wilmington, NC. Finally, Scotts Hill Pawville joined the family in 2021 with the acquisition of Pups Play & Stay in Northern Wilmington, NC. With each new location, Pawville stayed true to its obsessive focus on the customer experience.

Pawville Today

In 2022 Pawville acquired Benji's in Pawleys Island, giving Pawville a presence in three states. Meanwhile, construction plans began for Pawville's property in Clayton, NC at 103 Tew Ct. This location will be Pawville's first venture into the RDU market.

With seven operating locations and an eighth in construction, Phil & Amanda continue pushing Pawville to evolve and grow, adding service offerings and locations when these changes enhance the consumer experience for human clients and their four-legged guests.

Our Staff



Chrissy has worked at Pawville for 7 years and has come all the way from supervising our Citrus location in Florida to Manage our Midtown location here in Wilmington! Chrissy loves how rewarding the job is and that the staff feels like a family. When Chrissy is not at work she loves exploring Wilmington's beaches and hiking trails with her family International Therapy Dog and resident cute Golden, Hilo, as well as her Aussie’s  Sharkey and Rebel!


Shift Supervisor

Natalya was one of the original members of our Midtown Pawville team. Her reliability and organization makes her perfect for the shift supervisor position. Natalya has continued to enjoy being able to create strong relationships with both the guests and their owners! While not at work Natalia likes to be outside spending time with her family and her fur babies, two cats Oranges and MooMoo and her dog Brookie


Lead Daycare

Mia originally started at Porters Neck Pawville in 2021, she made the transition to Midtown and quickly became an asset in the daycare yard! Mia brings a calm confidence and really enjoys making sure the dogs have a good time while they’re under her supervision. Mia has  a lab/pit mix named Gunna that enjoys keeping his mom busy both at daycare and at home!


Lead Daycare

Nat started her journey at Scotts Hill Pawville but transferred to Midtown in 2022. Natalie not only comes to work everyday with a go getter attitude but she knows how to form quick connections with any dog and puts it to use making sure each of our guests feels special. When she is not at work she likes to practice spiritual healing such as meditating and yoga. She also has a love for painting and crocheting. Natalie has a doggo named Dixie who is 14 years old and a 1 year old feline friend named Sage.