Join the Pawville Team!

Pet Care Attendants work in a professional manner to care for dogs and cats while working with their owners to ensure a great customer experience.  Pet care attendants have the opportunity to advance farther depending on length of service, level of responsibility, and overall job performance.


  • cleaning up messes made by dogs and cats
  • feeding pets
  • watching front desk
  • answering phones
  • bathing dogs
  • taking dogs out for playtime
  • exceeding customers’ expectations


Qualities They Must Possess

  • reliable (including reliable transportation)
  • energetic (you’ll always be moving)
  • willing to work weekends/nights/holidays
  • patient with animals
  • clean/professional appearance (no excessive tatoos or piercings)
  • comfortable working with computers
  • friendly demeanor
  • drug free (we require drug test and background check)
  • must LOVE dogs and cats! If you don’t love animals, please don’t apply.

As a daycare attendant, you will supervise daycare dog play groups to ensure our canine guests are entertained, loved, and safe while romping and playing with other dogs.

You must be:

  • absolutely passionate about dogs – You’ll be hanging out with dogs all day long.  You better love them.
  • patient – You must never ever run out of patience.
  • assertive – You must be a commanding presence among the dogs who the dogs regard as the “pack leader.”
  • willing to face the elements – You’ll spend the majority of your time outside.
  • willing to clean messes – Dogs LOVE to make messses!

Groomers strive to exceed customer expectations as they cut hair, trim nails, bathe dogs, and give loving attention to the pets in our care.

Qualities They Must Possess

  • able to groom at least 4 dogs per day
  • able to groom dogs unattended from start to finish
  • professional appearance and demeanor

Compensation and Benefits

  • freedom to set their own schedule
  • 45-55% compensation (depending on skill level and experience
  • Paid and treated as employee (not a contractor)
  • Pawville covers cost of shampoos and equipment (except clippers/scissors)

Trainers strive to help clients accomplish their dog training goals as they teach group classes and provide individual instruction to dogs and their owners.

Qualities They Must Posses

  • Proven experience as a dog trainer
  • Patience and genuine love for animals
  • professional appearance and demeanor

Compensation and Benefits

  • freedom to set their own schedule
  • 45 – 55% compensation (depending on skill level and experience