Dog Boarding


Your pup will settle into a townhome that affords a great deal of privacy both inside and outside.  Each townhome is separately ventilated with a constant flow of purified air to create a healthy environment.  Playtimes (with friends or alone) in the big play yard are complimentary for our boarding guests.  If your pup has lots of energy to burn, you can upgrade your dog to play with the daycare dogs all day long in the daycare play room.


Private Yards

Our dog boarding townhomes feature private yards with artificial canine turf accessible through a guillotine doggy door.  When the weather is nice, we leave these doors open so they can freely enjoy 22 feet of space to roam within their own indoor/outdoor enclosure.  When the weather gets bad, we shut the doors and turn on the heat/AC.  When the facility is closed for the night, these doors remain closed for safety.

Health & Safety

We consider ourselves first and foremost to be pet care professionals.  As such, we’re obsessed with the safety of our furry guests.  This begins with our co-owner Amanda Miller who happens to be a former veterinary technician.  Under her watchful eye, our staff are trained to be mindful of our pets’ health and safety.  Furthermore, our facility is also designed for safety with features such as an air filtration system which constantly pumps purified air into our doggy townhomes.


Long Term Boarding

We realize that life often hits us with unexpected opportunities and changes.  We work hard to accommodate our clients in this situation by offering competitive discounts and creating constructive long-term living arrangements for long-term guests staying longer than one month.  Discounts are given on an individual basis depending on seasonal

Requirements & Pricing


  • It is preferred you bring your pet’s food from home.
  • Dogs are required to be vaccinated for rabies and distemper.  The  bordetella vaccine is required every 6 months.
  • $15 late fee incurred after noon checkout time.


  • $44/night – Condo
  • $55/night – Townhome
  • $58/night - Webcam Townhome 
  • $66/night – Villa

Discounts (cannot be combined):

  • 10% military discount
  • 20 – 30% multi-pet discount (depending on number of pets)
  • 15% extended stay discount (three weeks or more)


With Pawville, you have the ability to log into your pet’s online account to book reservations.  You can even view/edit your pet’s information and browse pictures that have been taken of your pet.

Boarding Add Ons

Here at Pawville we know every boarding experience will need to be tailored to the furry personality entering our doors. While maintaining overall inclusive care, we have some additions that can take your pets stay to the next level!

Daycare with Boarding:

  • 4 Hours - $12.00
  • 8 Hours - $24.00

Personalized One on One time:

  • 10 Minutes - $8.00

Bedtime Snacks:

  • PB Pawprint - $3.00
  • Ice Cream - $3.00



Private viewing webcams are available for some of our pet boarding enclosures including our villas and a couple of our townhomes.  

If you purchase an enclosure with a webcam, you'll be able to view your pet online by logging into our online portal.

Dog Boarding FAQ

Yes.  When your dog goes out for playtime, it may remain alone or play with other dogs of similar size and temperament.  When you fill out the boarding contract, you will be asked if your dog can play with others or remain separate.

We require current proof of vaccination from your veterinarian for the following:
Dog – rabies, DHPP, bi-annual bordetella and Canine Influenza
Cats – rabies, FVRCP

We only accept vaccines that have been administered by a licensed veterinarian.

You can email them to or fax to 910-795-0159.

Your pet’s feeding schedule will be maintained as if they were at home. We welcome you to bring your pet’s regular diet from home. If you choose not to bring their food, we will feed our food (Diamond) at no additional charge.

We can administer all types of medication including insulin injections.  Please bring all important medications from home and be prepared to give us exact instructions so that we can maintain your pet’s schedule of medication as if they were at home.  There is no charge for us to administer medications.

We prefer to use our own bedding, but you may bring bedding if you wish.  If you bring bedding, it must be something small enough to fit in a washing machine..  Toys are always fine.  Just remember, toys sometimes get carried out into the yard and may get lost or damaged.

Yep…4 times a day for condo dogs and once a day for townhome/villa dogs since they have their own yards to enjoy!  

We always try to reach out first to you as the pet owner to allow you to make decisions regarding actions that should be taken.   If we can’t reach you, we’ll call the emergency contact number you left for us at the time of check-in.  Furthermore, we always strive to take your pet to his/her own veterinarian since we feel that vet is best equipped to care for your pet.

You can drop off your pet anytime we’re open.  You can also pick up any time we’re open although we have a noon checkout time.  Picking up after noon will incur a $10 late checkout fee.