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Welcome to Pawville!  At our locations, you’ll find cozy pet boarding town homes, caring groomers, knowledgeable trainers, and plush daycare play yards. Our mission is to create the ultimate pet services experience as we grow throughout the Southeast.  We invite you to stop in and tour any of our locations to see what we’re all about.

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Our Story

The Pawville story began in 2006 when Phil and Amanda Miller found a 5,000 sq ft pet store in Citrus County, FL and invested their savings and sweat equity to purchase and convert it into a pet boarding and grooming facility named Citrus Pet Resort. From the start, they chose to focus heavily on the customer experience. This meant 1) investing heavily to train and retain high quality staff and 2) re-invest in their facility. This twin approach resulted in a satisfied and growing customer base which formed Citrus Pet Resort into the beautiful facility it is today.

After moving to North Carolina, Phil and Amanda opened Surf City Pet Lodge in 2012. This facility followed a similar trajectory as their FL location to become the most popular pet services facility in the Topsail, NC region. An addition was added to the building to increase the size of the facility from 2,000 sq ft to 4,700 sq ft.

In 2015, Phil and Amanda executed on a vision for a new brand that could use a pet village theme to craft the ultimate pet services consumer experience… and Pawville was born. After securing the Pawville trademark, the Company underwent a legal restructuring that created Pawville, Inc with the help of a small, but valuable, team of advisers, investors, and lenders.

In the same year, the Company added its third location in Jacksonville, NC named Jacksonville Pawville. Soon after, Surf City Pet Lodge was re-named Surf City Pawville. Even the famous VW Bus on 210 in Surf City, NC received its makeover and the Pawville transformation was complete.

The Company will continue to add service offerings and locations when they believe these changes will help enhance the consumer experience for their human clients and their four-legged guests.

Our Staff

Amanda Miller


Amanda has played a fundamental role in the founding and progress of the Company. Her background as a veterinary technician makes her well suited to oversee all things related to pet health and safety.She's the proud mama to three children as well as a 110 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named Moe, a black lab named Maddy, thee cats named Dale, T-Bone, and Macy, and a lizard named Mr Green who lives on the front porch.

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Cindy Colbert


Cindy joined the team when Surf City Pawville was acquired in January 2012.  Since that time, her position has evolved beyond simply managing the Surf City and Jacksonville locations to HR and Payroll Manager.Cindy is the proud mama to an animated french bulldog named Louie and a sweet boxer named Anna.

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Kelli Alley


Kelli is passionate about delivering a great customer experience to every pet and owner that steps through the door and it shows in the way Jacksonville Pawville operates. She has her own sweet boxer mix named Roxy that is happy to share her mom with the other dogs at Pawville.

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Pet Care CEO

Phil Miller


Phil has grown the Company since its inception in 2007 and implemented an infrastructure that can be replicated and scaled as locations are added.  He received his MBA from UNC Wilmington.He's the proud father in a busy house full of three children, two dogs, three cats, and two guinea pigs.

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Stephanie has been with the Company since 2014 when she started as a pet care attendant.  She was quickly promoted to Manager of Citrus Pawville where she has proven to be an invaluable member of the team.Stephanie keeps very busy with her own pack of children, pets, and "work kids" (her employees). We're very fortunate to have such a caring manager to keep things running smoothly.

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Citrus Pawville manager

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