No More Long Nails & Dog Smell

Our experienced and professional groomers are capable of providing a full range of grooming services ranging from beautiful poodle cuts to simple nail trims. We strive to make the grooming experience as comfortable as possible for every client and seek to establish a personal bond with each pet in our care. Most grooming appointments can be done within 3 hours from time of drop off



Our groomer, Kirsten, is ready to make your pet look amazing!  Grooms are done by appointment and can usually be done within a few hours.  Our grooming services can even be combined with boarding and/or daycare so you bring home and happy, tired, AND clean pup!


Pricing varies depending on a variety of factors including weight, length/type of coat, and temperament. A full bath includes the use of a high quality shampoo, conditioner, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and blow dry, complete with perfume and an accessory.


Our Groomer

We’re proud to have a patient and loving groomer like Kirsten here at our facility who is experienced in all breeds and sizes of dogs.  She takes an incredible amount of pride in her work as is evidenced by the beautiful grooms she’s able to do for our clients.  Yet, what makes her most special is her patience and love for the pets in her care.  It’s rare to find a groomer like her that blends such precision with an endless patience and love for the pets in her care.

Call (910) 973-8111 now to book an appointment with Kirsten!

Nail Trim

 We use a grooming dremel to file your pup’s nails.  This accomplishes two things – 1) your dog is less likely to have his/her quick cut and 2) your pup leaves with a rounded edge that is less likely to scratch you when he/she jumps up on you.
No appointment is needed for the nail trim if you come in on weekdays between 11:00am and 3:00pm.  At other times, just give us a call before you drop by for the nail trim to make sure we have someone on staff who can take care of your pup’s nails in a timely manner.  Most nail trims cost $12.


Requirements & Pricing

Nail Filing     $12
Bath/Nails/Ears       $25 and up

All groom appointments below include hair cut of choice, bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and teeth brushing. 

Small Dog Complete Groom    $55 and up

Medium Dog Complete Groom    $58 - $68 and up

Large Dog Complete Groom    $75 and up

Doodle (or similar) Complete Groom    $90 - $120 and up

* Prices may vary depending on size, de-matting, temperament, age, health condition, etc. Call for a quote or stop in for a meet and greet.

*Dogs over 12 years of age often require special veterinary accomodations.  As such, our groomers only groom dogs beyond 12 on a case-by-case basis.

Grooming FAQ

Distemper and Rabies

Yes, on your dog's second grooming and beyond!  🙂  Present a valid military ID and you get 10% off your groom.  We love our military!

Grooming will be a routine part of your puppy’s entire life and we strive to make it a pleasurable experience. We recommend starting simple with a bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning, blow dry, and trimming of the face, feet, and sanitary areas for a couple of visits to get your puppy accustomed to grooming.  Our groomer can also give you some tips to work with your pet at home between grooming visits.
You can start your puppy with grooming appointments as early as you and your veterinarian feel is right as your pup will have to get a couple of rounds of puppy vaccines.

No, our groomer puts your pets’ safety first. Your pet will be hand dried nose to tail if your pet is happy with this, however some pets don’t prefer to have some delicate areas blow dried such as the face or ears. Only then will we use a fan on your pet that has no heating element. 

Of course! We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us. Just ask and you can come on in!