Dog Training

Pawville Training Academy

Here at Pawville Training Academy, we feel that there is no one way to train a dog. Our trainers believe that dogs, much like people, learn tasks and desired behaviors in varying ways.  As such, we adjust our approach and methodologies based upon the needs of your pet.


The Goal

Our goal is to turn you into the trainer.  You as the pet owner must be equipped with the proper mindset, knowledge, and tools in order to consistently reinforce proper behavior long after your pet has left the presence of our trainers.

Our Approach

We will begin by identifying your training goals and set your expectations for future training sessions.  Our trainers have the tools and abilities to work with a variety of issues including:

  • Socialization
  • Skittish/fearful
  • Disobedient
  • Destructive

Many training sessions will be conducted at our facility.  However, your trainer may elect to conduct training sessions at your home or other public places when these locations help meet the desired training goals.

Please don’t feed your dog an hour before or after each session.


Training Packages

Private Sessions

We understand that every dog is different and, as such, each dog will be approached with an open mind.  After evaluating you and your dog on an individual basis, we will set goals and implement techniques that best suit your needs. If your dog has any previous training, we will expand upon it and enhance your dog’s obedience to accomplish the goals we have collectively agreed upon.

Private Sessions

Personalized Individual Lesson

$140 - 1 hour

The trainer will assess the dog’s strengths and weaknesses as well as assist in creating a foundation for behavior modification.

5 Sessions:   $600

8 Sessions:   $900

Advanced Behavior Modification

$1200 - 12 Sessions

Personalized training program for dogs needing advanced training in areas such as, human/dog aggression, counter surfing, destructive behavior etc. “Real world” training as well as in-home issues can be addressed with this program.

The Refresher

$100 - 1 hour

Offered to previous training or socialization clients that just need a quick brush up with their trainer.

* no  discounts available with training